Mount Kilimanjaro Climbs: General information.

Information:  At 19,341 feet, Kilimanjaro is the tallest peak on the African continent, and one of the famous “Seven Summits”. It is truly an accessible dream for those who love mountains and adventure. Anyone who is reasonably fit can climb Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a multi-day trek with no technical climbing. This is the world’s highest freestanding mountain, and lies just south of the Equator. You will be fully supported by our outstanding crew and guides. Porters carry all the camping gear, food, tents, and luggage. Our trail chefs will amaze you with wonderful food served in a comfortable dining tent complete with table and chairs. Our crew brings hot coffee, tea, or cocoa to your tent for your morning wake-up call. As you climb, they will be beside you with a friendly smile and a helping hand when you need it.

Climb Options:

Private climbs: You can climb Mount Kilimanjaro on a private trip we arrange just for you and your friends or family. You tell us when you want to go and we’ll make it happen. Please note other groups from other companies, and maybe even Serengeti Pride, will be sharing the same park-service designated campsites as you but you will have your own private guides/porters, tents, toilet tent, and mess tent within each campsite.

Group departure dates:  Whether you are traveling solo or with others, you can choose to join one of our open group climbs to keep costs lower and meet new friends. We frequently add new dates, so please contact us if what we have listed doesn’t work for your schedule.

Climbing Routes:

Please see the Lemosho (also known as “Shira”) Lemosho Western Breach and Lemosho Southern Circuit pages for full descriptions (and some videos) of these 8 day/7 night routes. They have historically around 98% success rates and due to a night at Crater Camp, your summit ascent is in the daylight rather than hiking all night. Our favorite and signature route is the Lemosho/Western Breach/Crater Camp route for its less crowded camps, daytime summit ascent, extremely high summit success rates, and spectacular views. Lemosho/Southern Circuit is our next favorite, for those who prefer to avoid the Western Breach (but this has some more crowded camps due to sharing multiple nights with Machame route). For those who are especially concerned about altitude effects, sometimes we schedule an extra acclimatization day i.e. 9 day/8 night option, usually on private climbs.

The Machame 7 or 6 day route is a good option if your time is limited but it allows less time for acclimatization and is more crowded than Lemosho route (especially Lemosho/Western Breach route). 7 Days is strongly recommended – 6 days is a fast ascent with lower summit success rates.

We do not recommend the shorter routes such as Marangu (“Coca-Cola”) route on Kilimanjaro. Although it is less expensive and shorter, summit success rates are low due to the fast ascents and more chance of altitude illness. Both Rongai and Marangu have a longer summit approach distance on summit day. But, we will schedule them upon request if you prefer.

Our longer western approaches (Lemosho and Machame…especially Lemosho) offer much more acclimatization time, more pristine scenery, and fewer crowds….not to mention a much higher chance of summiting safely and happily.

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